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A Dental Practice That Prides Itself on Delivering a High Level of Satisfaction

Keeping active in one's chosen professional endeavors enhances a practitioner's ability to keep his "finger" on not only the communities' thoughts and perceptions of current trends and expectations, but to also have an impact on these thoughts and perceptions. Many changes are occurring not only in our Country, but throughout the world. I have found it is much better to be a leader than a follower. From an early age, mechanical systems and things have held a fascination for me. This fascination has led me to obtaining my pilot’s license. Travels have taken me all around the good ole USA and as far south as Copan, Honduras. Other passions include Skiing, playing handball, rebuilding antique motorcycles and cooking.


A Warm, Welcoming Dental Practice

Along with helping our patients restore their smiles, one of our primary goals is to ensure that each patient is comfortable during their visit. Our warm and welcoming waiting room and office is specifically designed to ensure comfort is achieved.

As with many aspects of modern healthcare, changes in the dental profession are occurring at “warp” speed. It is not a luxury to stay on top of the great advances in one’s field, but is a basic necessity. These ever advancing changes allows a true professional to provide the greatest, most up-to-date treatment modalities to maintain one’s health at an optimum level throughout a patient’s life. Throughout his career as a dentist in Greeley, CO, Dr. Stephen Brown's sense of pride, accomplishment and high level of satisfaction has been achieved via community service. Helping those less fortunate or in greater need has always been the "icing" on the cake of my time as a dental professional, and at my dental practice. I also give back to the University of Wyoming, using my piloting skills to transport the coaches and Athletic Director on recruiting trips.

Meet the Team

Lynn, Office Manager

Lynn has been caring for patients and staff in dental offices since 1998. Having worked closely with Dr. Brown since 2003, she joined his team permanently in 2013. Lynn enjoys reading, camping, traveling and especially spending time at the beach with her husband.

Michelle, Hygienist

Michelle joined Dr. Brown’s team in 2016 and has become an integral part of his growing practice. Michelle recently moved to Colorado from Montana. She graduated from UT – Dental School-Houston Health Science Center in 2000. Michelle loves spending time hiking and skiing with her husband and two daughters.

Lisa, Expanded Duties Dental Assistant 

Lisa has been in dentistry since 1989 and enjoying every year. She has had the pleasure of being employed with Dr. Brown since 2004. In addition to making sure our patients have a wonderful experience in our office leaving with a healthy and beautiful smile. Lisa, loves spending time with family and riding on the back of the Harley with her husband.

Samantha, Expanded Duties Dental Assistant 

Samantha has been in dentistry since 2004 after receiving her certification. She became an amazing part of Dr. Brown’s team in June 2016 and loves working hands on with patients helping enhance beautiful smiles. Samantha enjoys spending time with her two children and the Colorado outdoors.

Contact Us

I am very pleased with the service I received at Dr. Brown's office. All the people there are very nice and easy to work with. I would refer anyone to this office, I am very happy with my dental work done here.

-Barbara S.
Greeley, CO